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Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope to share updates about upcoming work, some writing, share some things that are on my mind, hear what’s on yours, and then some references to past work so you can see what I’ve been up to.

A bit about me: I’m an artist, improviser, diarist, collage freak, curator, educator, alphabet, language harlot, big body mover.  What’s that mean big body mover?  In improvisation I find that if I begin with movement that is present and full even if the fullness is quiet then the stories that want to get told emerge.  In this way I lead with my body: developing language and vocabulary unique to me. And I believe that it is in my fullness that the audience recognizes the seed of their own big body self and something opens up that may have been closed before. In my work I integrate my writing and movement practice, utilizing embodied improvisation, language and braided narrative to investigate the mundane incidents of life.

Some things are shifting in my work so I will return to talk more about this later.

I’ve made a bunch of  original solo and ensemble works in the Bay Area and the Midwest. (I do miss Chicago but am glad to be back in the Bay area since 2007.)

Recent works include a site specific work in progress: Alcatraz and Colllege,  the House Special residency at ODC Theater and the MilkBar in 2011 and Alphabrick in 2010, which originated in ODC’S Pilot program and toured to Chicago’s Rhinofest and the Illinois State Museum.  Other full length works include Simple CirculationSacred GeometryUnderwater FootballAlphabet-Obit,Alphabet Report and High Heeled Bricks. Bay area and Chicago performance venues include ODC theater, the Marsh,  InterPlayce, The Garage, The Exit Theater,  CounterPulse, The Milk Bar, Link’s Hall, Lunar Cabaret, Shattered Globe, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Terra Museum of Art, the MCA and the Prop Thtr.

I went to Chicago get my an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Columbia College Chicago and stayed for quite a while to get acquainted with the bricks, the art, the land and the beautiful people.  I have been a member of WingIt! Performance Ensemble, based in Oakland, since the 90’s.

I am a certified InterPlay Leader. I have taught improvisation, lead performance, book making and writing workshops and retreats for over 15 years.

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Alphabet Dance Excercise. Try this:

Posted on April 18, 2012 by admin

Listen to Moby while you:

  • Fall in love with form with the convenience of A to z,  with the structure and all that is possible from rearranging these 26 letters.
  • Write your name in space using your shoulders.
  • Write it large on the sky using your elbow or a knee.
  • Spell something with your body.
  • Spell nothing.
  • Wonder at all the language that is in your alphabetic poetic body.
  • Shake it out.

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Poem: Thanks in Alphabetical Order

Posted on April 18, 2012 by admin

Thanks for Algorithms and the math of the universe even though some days it doesn’t seem to add up.

Thanks for Barrie my gorgeous brilliant friend that sends me her thoughts in alphabetical order

Carnage. Yes carnage.  Sometimes it really falls apart. Violently. Kali. Kali Kali Thanks.

Doors.  Doors and doorknobs and the turning of the doorknob into another room another place, down a hall toward the possible.


Friends and flatulence and the sounds a body makes.  Thanks.

Gorgiosity.  Thanks for the gorgiosity of me and you and now and crossing time and space and thanks.

Handiwork and working with hands.  You are so handy with that.  You are handy.  I’d like to give you a hand.

Ideas.  Look what you thought of.  Look at the time you made to be with the idea. Thanks.

Jammin’ jammin’ when you are playing and when you sit down and when you are in motion and when you are jammin’ it is something to behold it is a thing to be thankful for.

Knowledge.  Knowing.   I know things.  You know other things.  Let’s make a knowledge tossed salad. Yum.

Lordy, lordy.  Throw up my hands and thanks Lordy Lordy



Olly Olly Oxen Free Free Free!  Thanks for getting called back at dusk from play. Called back from being “it”, from hiding and seeking, from kicking the can, from freezing in tag. Being called home to dinner. Thanks.

Palindromes – Hannah, racecar, level, madam. Thanks.


Raunchy riled roiled rambling Rocky the dog. Thanks.

Stoic family members of another generation. I melt a heart open for you these years later and thank you for the gentle openings you invited.  That must have been hard.  Thanks.

Ta-ta,  Bye-bye, gotta go. Thanks.

Underwear – preferably cotton and not binding.  Briefs.  Thanks.

Validity, validation. Thanks.  I’d like to not need it. But I’m grateful for it. Trying to wean off it. Thanks.


X marking the spot. Right here. Get digging.




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Alcatraz and College – March 30, 2012

I tend to make work that resides in intersections. Intersections of text and movement, sacred and mundane, tears and laughter. It feels right to be creating at an intersection with street names that contain such compelling reference points: an island where people were once punished (Alcatraz) and a place of higher learning (College). Let us meet, you and I, at the corner of Punishment and Learning and see what we find.


Julie’s Portfolio – Editorial

CCA Portal – Julie Caffey


Documenting my artworks. #portfoliosite #diystudio #parasaekonomiya

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